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Women's monthly glossy magazine covers

This page shows the covers of a selection of women's monthly magazines - the "glossies" or "slicks", so called because of their look and feel with varnished or laminated covers. Many of the images link to information about the launch or to a profile of the publisher.

Aura to Cosmopolitan
19 Nineteen March 1968 first issue cover 19 women;s magazine cover 1977 19 magazine  front cover    
19 first issue (March, 1968)        
Aura first issue cover Bare first isue cover Biba cover (France) Bite magazine; Jun 93; launch; closed Bitch women's magazine debut  cover
Aura first cover (2000)
Bare first issue (2000)
Biba, France (2004)
Bite first cover(1993)
Bitch first cover (1992)
Chic magazine first issue front cover Nov 1993 Chic Twiggy 1996   Company first issue cover October 1978 Company magazine
Chic first issue front cover Nov 1993 Chic 1996   Company first issue (October 2001) Company ( Nov, 2001)
  Cosmopolitan magazine first issue front cover Cosmopolitan cover July 1996 Cosmopolitan, Bulgaria first issue, 2004  
Cosmopolitan (March, 1972) Cosmopolitan (July, 1996) Cosmopolitan, Bulgaria (2004)  

Ebony to Harpers & Queen Back to top
Ebony Queen Latifah cover Eve magazine; launch; Sept 2000; BBC eve feb 02 For Women magazine Frank magazine; Mar 99; Wagadon; sold to EMAP
Ebony, US (January 2005)
Eve first issue (2000)
Eve (September 2002)
For Women
Frank (March 99)
{Glamour first issue cover Glamour magazine cover glamour_winslet_150.jpg Harpers & Queen cover 1971  
Glamour launch (2001)
Glamour (February 02)
Harpers & Queen (April 1971)

M&S Magazine to Nova Back to top
M&S magazine dummy issue cover Mirabella magazine; launch; Murdoch Magazines; closed New Woman magazine cover    
M&S Magazine (unpublished dummy)

Mirabella first issue (October 1990)

New Woman, Australia (2004)

Nova magazine; (re)launch; Jun 00; IPC (had closed in 1970s) Nova cover Oct 2000 Nova magazine front cover Nova May 1968  
Nova (2000)

Nova (October 2000)

Nova (1970s)

Nova (May 1968)

Over 21 to Red Back to top
Over 21   Pop magazine cover PS magazine debut; Mar/Apr 00; launch; Dennis  

Over21 first issue (May 1972)

PS debut (2000)
Queen magazine: 1967 Real magazine launch cover debut Red magazine cover; Feb 98; launch; Emap    
Queen (13 December 1967)
Real (fortnightly glossy; August 2004)
Red first issue

Vital to Zest Back to top
Vital; Winter 98; launch; debut G+J; closed? Vogue from Conde Nast Vogue Kylie Minogue   Zest magazine autumn 94; launch debut; Nat Mags
Vital first issue

Vogue (September 2000)

Vogue (December 2003)

Zest debut

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