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Magazine launches & events:

Magazine first issues and launches listed by cover date with most recent at top. Also with alphabetic links to magazines on the right.  Launches in other years

Squib magazine cover
Squib comedy magazine first issue

Dec 92/Jan 93. Polycarp Press; £1.95; 84 pages. Editors: Simon Bond and Will Adams

'The magazine of comedy allsorts'

Bad Influence computer magazine
Bad Influence licensed title
Bad Influence
Spring 1992. Europress and Yorkshire Television. £2.95; 198 pages. Ed: Steve White.
Computer title licensed fron Yorkshire TV to publisher Europress. With free cassette
See Computer magazines

in touch magazine front cover
In Touch contract fashion magazine by Redwood for ICI

In Touch (Italian version) 
Spring 92. Redwood contract fashion magazine for ICI. Editor: Kathy Phillips
Redwood Publishing profile
Contract publishers
Magazine industry structure

Focus magazine cover launch issue Focus (The World in)
December 92. Gruner + Jahr, £1.75, 100 pages. Editor: Mick Hurell (dep: Juliet Walker)
Big subscription drive. Later bought by Nat Mags, who passed it on to Origin, which was then bought, and again sold, by BBC Magazines
Gruner + Jahr profile
Women's weeklies case study
Celebrity mags price war

BBC holidays launch issue
BBC Holidays launch issue with Paris guide cover gift
BBC Holidays

Redwood Publishing/a BBC Enterprises company. £1.40; 108 pp. Ed: Ramune Burns
‘The monthly magazine that takes you place.’ Cover mount: 52-page mini guide to Paris
BBC Magazines profile
Redwood profile 

The Oldie magazine launch issue cover
The Oldie launched by former Private Eye editor Richard Ingrams
The Oldie
February 1992. £1.40; 52 pages. Editor: Richard Ingrams
What Richard Ingrams did once he retired from Private Eye
The Oldie 

The Scam launch issue
The Scam tried to jump on the Viz bandwagon
The Scam

End 1991 or start 1992. Tavinn, Derby; 95p;
A4 newsprint humorous title that aimed to cross the Sun with Viz and Private Eye. Itcame with a sticker: 'The Scam : Britain’s worst newspaper'.

Sight and Sound BFI launch issue
Sight and Sound launch issue from the BFI featuring serial killer films and The Silence of the Lambs
Sight and Sound
May 1991. British Film Institute. £2; 76 pages. Editor: Philip Dodd
Has all reviews, synopses and credits and features published since 1999 in online archive
Sight & Sound website

BBC Gardeners' World magazine launch issue cover Gardeners' World
April 91. £1.30. BBC Redwood. Cover gift: memo board. Pull-out gardeners manual 
BBC Magazines profile
Redwood profile

Esquire magazine cover first issue Brigitte Bardot
Esquire - the only modern men's lifestyle monthly to launch with a woman on the cover!
March 91. National Magazines, London. £2; 188 pages. Editor-in-chief: Lee Eisenberg; Editor: Alex Finer
'Man at his best' tagline and marketed as 'Premiere issue! Special collector's edition'. The only men's magazine of the early launches to show a woman on the cover, in this case a 1950s shot of French actress Brigitte Bardot
Men's monthlies case study
Nat Mags profile

Good Food 
March 91. Redwood/BBC Enterprises; £1; 108 pages. Editor: Mitzie Wilson 
Good Food was developed by editor Joy Davies, who had worked as cookery editor at both Riva and Woman. However, she fell ill as the launch neared and the post was taken over by Mitzie Wilson. The magazine won the PPA's launch of the year award
BBC Magazines profile
Redwood profile 

Mirabella Murdoch launch issue
Mirabella - disappointing launch from Murdoch Magazines

October 1990. £2.20. Murdoch Magazines. Editor: Lesley White. 204 pages
Isabella Rossellini was on the cover, though this related to a disappointing single-page feature.

Grace Mirabella, a former editor-in-chief of US Vogue was identified as the namesake of the original US version of the magazine and was the title’s communications director.
See Women's monthlies profiled

Oct 90. IPC. 95p (£1.50). Editor: Roy Carr. 
With record Hunter, 32 pages for collectors
IPC profile

Metropolitan Home magazine launch issue cover Metropolitan Home
October 1990. £2. Harmsworth Meredith Magazines 
Editor Dee Nolan
Closed within two years, just after winning magazine of the year award from British Society of Magazine Editors. Launch cover showed Robin Wight (chairman of ad agency Wight, Collins Rutherford Scott) at home with his wife Anastasia Alexander on a Ron Arad metal sofa 

Topical Books magazine launch issue
Topical Books for people who enjoy reading
Topical Books
Autumn 1990. £8.50 a year subscription (4 issues). Editor Ian Mitchell.
Published from the Isle of Islay on the west coast of Scotland (better known for its malt whisky than its publishing). 'A consumer magazine for people who enjoy reading ... not a "literary" mag on the London model,' said the editor.  

Gaia magazine launch issue
Gaia magazine based around the ideas of James Lovelock
The Gaia Magazine

1990. Gaia Books, London. £1.90; 28pp.
Ed: Erik Ness. Patrons: James Lovelock; Norman Myers
Main features: James Lovelock on planetary democracy and Diana Schumacher on making connections

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