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Magazines listed by cover date with most recent at top. Also with alphabetic links to magazines on the right. 

Total Internet 
December. Rapide £3.95; 132 pages. Editor: Chris Marke 
With free web design book

November/December. Alliance International Media. £2.75; 132 pages. Editor: Justin Evans
'The magazine that makes your heart beat faster'. Cover showed Angelica from TV series Baywatch
Men's magazines case study 

Line Dance Party 
November. Link House; £4.95; 52 pages. Editor: 'Big' Jim Readman. With CD 

November. Spiro Group. £2.25. 132 pages. Editor: Deborah Bee. 
Cutting-edge fashion title. Editorial back cover. Matt varnish 
Women's glossies profiled

Internet Works 
November. Future. £2.99; 108 pages. Editor: Marcus Austin
With CD-Rom in slip-on half cover. Internet sector splitting into niches: work; hobby; men's
Future profile

Family Life
November. BBC Worldwide. £1.95; 132 pages. Editor: Anita Bevan
'At last! A magazine for every aspect of your life'
BBC Magazines profile

The Modern Review 
October. Modern Media, London. £2.95; 92 pages. Editor: Charlotte Raven/ Julie Burchill. Art direction: (Simon) Esterson (Mike) Lackersteen
Cover photo by Rankin

Wagadon's Frank Magazine Frank
October. Wagadon. £2.70. Editor Tina Gaudoin 
A4 sample distributed with Observer. Closed at end of 1999. Wagadon taken over by Emap in early 2000
Wagadon profile
Women's glossies profiled 

October. Cover Publishing, £2.50; 132 pages. Editors: Robert Lacey and Danny Danziger
Unusual size between A5 and A4 

October. £2; 100 pages. Editor: Kirsty Robinson
'Attitude with intelligence' for women
Women's glossies profiled

Good Health 
October. Redwood/BBC Enterprises; £1.30; 100 pages. Editor: Janette Marshall
Stapled. Summer health poster. Carried BBC logo in coloured bar across the top of the cover, as did other BBC launches
BBC Magazines profile

Conde Nast Traveller first issue cover Traveller
October. Conde Nast. £2.70. 248 pages. Editor: Sarah Miller. 
Policy of not accepting free trips, to ensure editorial independence.
Conde Nast profile

Music - 5th year
September. BBC. £3.75
Silver cover. With Yehudi Menuhin CD and postcards
BBC Magazines profile 

Good Food - redesigned; with Good Living strap-on
BBC Magazines profile 

Melody Maker - with CD-Rom
6 September. IPC 
With free CD-Rom 
IPC profile

Autumn. £3. Editor: Carrie Booth
Women's magazine with music theme and music CD   
Women's glossies profiled

Cult TV Lady Penelope Thunderbirds
Lady Penelope from Gerry Anderson's Thunderbirds TV series on the cover of the first issue of Cult TV
Cult TV 
October. Future; £2.75; 84 pages. Editor: Karen Levell
With TV test cards to cut out and B5 posters of the X-Files and Emma Peel from the Avengers. 'For a cooler kind of couch potato'
Future profile

June. IPC; £1.50 (special); 164 pages. Editor: Allan Jones
Music and movie magazine. House ads for Loaded spin-off Eat Soup and Mountain Bike Rider
IPC profile

Movie Plus 
May. Inside Publications. £2.40; 100 pages. Editor: Carole Childs

Best - 500th issue
13 May. Gruner & Jahr.  
Celebrated with gold ink on cover 
Gruner & Jahr profile
Women's weeklies case study

The Box
April/May. Haymarket, £1 (£1.95), 132 pages. Editor: Paul Simpson
Paul Whitehouse on the cover
Haymarket profile

MBR (Mountan Bike Rider)
April. IPC; £1.50 special price (£2.95); 156 pages 
With video
IPC profile

April. Xtreme Publications; £2.50; 124 pages. Editor: Jerome Smail
'For men who live on the edge'. Email addresses given for staff 

Garden Answers 
With small spade as cover mount 

March. Hair & Beauty Ltd, £1.95, 100 pages. Editor: Deidre Forbes
'New attitude' 'Girls behaving badly' 'Naughty ways to send him to Sexual heaven'
Women's weeklies case study

Total Film first issue cover Total Film 

Top-shelf men's magazine with CD-Rom
Men's magazines case study   

Film & TV Week 
January. IPC. 40p (trial price), 82 pages. Editor: Peter Genower 
Attempt to expand on TV & Satellite Week formula
IPC profile

Internet Business 
January. Internet Business World; £2.95; 100 pages. Editor: Tim Wilson
Richard Branson shown on the cover

Computer Success 
Part work with CD-Rom

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