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Magforum.com is about the past, present and future of magazines and publishing. The site was founded in 2001 by Tony Quinn (tony [at] magforum.com), who, from 1999, had published similar pages as Head of Watford School of Publishing at West Herts College. Previously, he had been a group editor at BBC Magazines / Redwood Publishing. He then returned to journalism on the Financial Times where he was a Chief Production Journalist dealing with print, web and iPad editions. In 2016, he left the FT to work as a freelance editor, writer and lecturer.

Recent projects, writing as Anthony Quinn:

Magforum has ISSN 1756-364X. It is classified by the academic librarians' websites BUBL as 070.5 (Dewey code for news media, journalism and publishing). Magforum is the recommended print media resource for students on media courses vetted by OCR – the UK's international qualification awarding body set up by the universities of Oxford and Cambridge and the RSA.

The main source of information is actual copies of magazines, which are often supplied by publishers. Access to most of the pages is from this page or the home page.

There is an accompanying blog at: magforum.wordpress.com/

Information on Magforum.com is structured around the following pages:

Launches, news and events in the world of magazines:

Case studies covering types of magazines and individual titles:

Magazine industry structure and types of publishers:

Other features

Profiles of specific magazine sectors

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Publishers, students and researchers will find lots of useful stuff on the FAQ page.

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