Magazine Design

There is no better way to learn about how magazines are put together than to examine lots of different issues and pull them apart. These pages focus on covers and provide lots of examples – they’ve been used by publishers as varied as Dazed & Confused and Bauer to research their redesigns and launches.

The secrets of magazine cover design
What goes where on a magazine cover and why? Why the left third and top fifth are so important ... Read more

Visual History of Magazines
Find out all about the visual history of British Magazines from 1940 to the present day. ... Read More

Digital Manipulation
Discover the controversial history and cases of digital manipulation of photographs in magazines. ... Read More

412 Magazine Covers
412 of the finest examples of magazine covers ever to grace UK news-stands. ... Read more

Using the face – and the power of words
Examine these 105 covers to seek inspiration and find out how things have changed – and decide which technique you think is going to come back into fashion for editorial design … Read more

Special effects: split covers, gatefolds and dropdowns 
Designing a magazine's front cover involves more than just choosing an image and writing the cover lines. There are many clever and crafty ways to attract buyers … Read more

Classic design - Town in the 1960s
Man About Town
– and then Town – was the foundation of Haymarket and was one of the hottest titles in the Swinging Sixties … Read more

Classic design – London Life in the 1930s
In an alley off London’s Fleet Street by Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese pub, London Life thrived each week with inventive covers and contents … Read more