Property magazines: buying homes and property

The real estate magazines sector is a disparate one with mostly small publishers that boost profits through running house sales and flat share websites and exhibitions. Some magazines have been spun off from TV series. There is overlap with house, homes and interiors magazines and holidays and travel magazines. Buy-to-let investment has also popularised a strategy of treating property as an investment


Monthly launched in April 2006 by 10 Media Ltd off the back of the Channel 4 series. However, by 2008 it was no longer published. 'The homes mag that makes cheek chic' was the magazine's maxim. 10 Media already works with TV station on Grand Designs
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Grand Designs

Monthly launched in 2004 by 10 Media Ltd based on the TV series from Channel 4 about buying and developing large properties as homes. The company has launched serveral series about buying homes and property development, both in the UK and overseas
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Homes Overseas

Monthly magazine covering property for sale from around the world. Homes Overseas markets itself as 'the UK's leading specialist international real estate magazine'. Has an exhibition and awards for recently built overseas property. Its website lists 20,000 overseas houses and villas for sale in Spain, France, Turkey, Bulgaria and more. Published by Globespan Media, a division of newspaper group Trinity Mirror since 2007, whose brands include Homes Overseas, Show House and What House?



Homesearch is a monthly magazine published by Greater Manchester Weekly Newspaper Group (part of the Guardian Media Group)




Monthly international architecture and design magazine founded in 2003 and sold in about 30 countries. Features interviews with the most exciting architects and designers, visits the best new buildings, analyses cultural movements and technologies, and reviews exhibitions, books, products and films. Published by Media 10.
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International Homes

Monthly published by International Property (P Pass Ltd). Covers real estate and lifestyle in the UK and abroad. Distributed in supermarkets and newsagents across the UK and Europe. Website claims: ‘These magazines have proven so popular that British Airways take 40 tons of each issue to distribute freely to their passengers at departure gates.’ Publisher also organises annual International Property Awards, the results of which are published in an annual, The World’s Best Developers & Estate Agents.


International Homes Luxury Collection

Spin-off from International Homes


Irish Property Buyer

Monthly for the Irish home buyers published by Property Media.


Kent Homes

Ten issues a year from Kent Messenger Ltd, a newspaper group, for people who want to buy a house in the area.


Living Spain

Ten issues a year from Albany Publishing. Markets itself as 'The UK’s best-selling guide to Spain and Spanish property'. A typical issue's contents:
  • Hot, hot, hot – in search of winter sun
  • Springtime sensation
  • Spain's unmissable fiestas
  • Costa Brava cruising
  • From the mountains to the sea


Location Location Location (closed)

TV spin-off by Brooklands Group from the Channel 4 show. Featured presenters Phil Spencer and Kirstie Allsopp in every issue. However, Brooklands closed four of its five Channel 4 tie-ins – Property Ladder, You Are What You Eat, Location, Location, Location and Supernanny in October 2006 to concentrate on contract titles and the launch of another Channel 4 title, Popworld Pulp.
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New Home Locations Scotland

Published by arm of newspaper group Scotsman Publications.
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New Homes Wales & the South West

From Hot Press Publications


Overseas Living

'The definitive guide to living abroad' was published by Tower Business Media and Overseas Living defines itself with coverage of travel, golf, hotels, yachts and property six times a year. The magazine is an example of travel magazines overlapping into one or more aspects of lifestyle. It is sold in newsagents and distributed at airports, hotels and conferences.


Property Mart Overseas

Magazine produced by online property sales website run by Tork Media. Turned into a blog. It was based in Malaga in Spain


Show House

Magazine and exhibition cover new products and technology, sales and marketing, trends, interior design and issues such as land planning and remediation, and finance for the house building industry. Published by Globespan Media, a division of newspaper group Trinity Mirror since 2007, whose brands also include Homes Overseas and What House?


Spanish Homes

A magazine that focuses on Spain and its island territories, the Canaries and the Balearics. Merricks has a range of holidays and travel magazines, often with a holiday homes focus. It was launched in 1991 as a title that made a point of its independence in that it did not sell property or take any financial interest in the sale of any property advertised. Also, it did not advertise timeshare properties. Future bought Spanish Homes Magazine Limited for £1.5m in August 2004. Spanish Homes turned quarterly in 1997 and bi-monthly in 2003. Future said the business was more dependent on advertising than on circulation revenue; that turnover for the year ended 30 April 2004 was £0.74m; and that the estimated profit was £0.4m. The had six staff and was free of debt. Future increased the frequency to monthly and the pagination went up to 196 pages. It was selling 12,643 copies a month in the second half of 2005. However, in early 2006, Future sold the title to Merricks 'for a nominal consideration'.
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What House?

What House was a magazine that had covered the house building industry since 1909. Its awards programme website claims to list 120,000 properties for sale along with data on schools, transport links, pubs, restaurants and gyms. It only existed as a website by 2008. The publisher, Globespan Media describes itself as 'a specialist media company dedicated to providing expert advice on real estate. Our product range spans across print, online and awards.' Globespan has been a division of newspaper group Trinity Mirror since 2007; its brands include Homes Overseas and Show House

Property magazines (2012)

Title Publisher Launch date ABC sales
Homes Overseas
Globespan / Blendon   36,881
Homesearch (monthly) Greater Manchester Weekly Newspaper Group   3,738
International Homes International Property   23,309
International Homes Luxury Collection International Property   n/a
Irish Property Buyer Property Media   7,412
Kent Homes Kent Messenger   3,611
Living Spain Albany   12,142
Location, Location, Location Brooklands 2005 closed October 2006
New Home Locations Scotland Scotsman   25,085
New Homes Wales & the South West Hot Press   29,656
Overseas Living Tower Business Media   Readership of 49,524 quoted by publisher
Property Mart Overseas Tork Media 2003
(as Property Mart Spain)
Show House Globespan / Blendon   n/a
Spanish Homes Merricks 1991 13,523
What House? Globespan / Bledon   n/a
*Source: Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC)