Magazine launches & events 2000

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One (US)

December. One Media Inc. $4.95£4. Editorial director: Marguerite Kramer; editor in chief Stacy Morrison
192 pages of upmarket interiors, plus insert page of opaque paper. Used 8-page section with fifth colour silver ink. Invited readers to join a reader panel. Distributed by Comag (

Mondo mens magazine
Mondo was a men's magazine aimed at older Loaded readers


November. Cabal. £1.50 special price (£3). Editor: Push
Strapline: 'Having a good time all the time'.
Cabal, founded by former IPC editorial director Sally O'Sullivan, featured in BBC2 series in autumn 1999.
Cover used spot varnish. Closed May 2001. Cabal taken over by Highbury in 2003
Cabal profile
Men's magazines case study


November. IT Publishing UK Ltd. £3.50. Editor: Dean Reilly
With CD.
Computer magazines

Harpers & Queen 2000 Paul Smith and Brian ferry
Harpers & Queen Men – one-off edited by Paul Smith

Harpers & Queen 30th birthday

November. Conde Nast. £3.10 With H&Q Men (guest editor Paul Smith)
Women's magazines case study

Bare launch issue cover
First issue cover of Bare


September/October. John Brown, London. £2.80, 164 pages. Editor: Ilse Crawford
'Being and well-being' health magazine. Closed May 2001 (fifth issue). John Brown later sold all consumer magazines to IFG
Women's magazines case study

Cats Today

October/November.Cats Today Ltd. £2.50 6/year


October. Level Print Ltd. £3.10
The Self issue (not a first issue). Spot varnish


October18. BBC. £1.60
Hello! For 'tweenagers' aged between 11 and 16 who were too smart for pre-teen magazines, but too young for Company. Closed a year later

Document Snowboard

September. £2.95
'For snowboarders by mud wrestlers'
Extreme sports magazines

Eve magazine launch issue cover debut
Eve was a women's magazine launched by the BBC


September. BBC. £2.70
'The original woman' strapline. Launched against Emap's Red and IPC's Nova for maturing women who had outgrown Cosmo and Elle. Later sold to Haymarket but closed in late 2008.
Women's monthly magazines

Know Your Destiny

Autumn. News Group Newspapers. £2.50
Mystic Meg's magazine. Free mystical pendulum

Business 2.0

June. Future Publishing Ltd (part of the Future Network plc). £1 first issue
UK launch for Future's successful US new economy magazine. Editor in chief Mark Halper. Aggressive subscription drive: 12 issues for £9.99. Closed May 2001 after the 'dotcom bubble' burst but US version was sold on and survives

Hot Dog

July. IFG (I Feel Good). £1.50 starter price.
Company founded by Loaded launch editor James Brown who had lost editorship of GQ in mid 1999 over an article featuring Rommel. Cover used spot varnish. Later bought by Highbury but then closed as company failed
IFG profile

Aura launch issue cover
Former Fleet Street editor Eve Pollard was behind Eve magazine


Parkhill. £2.50; 164 pages. Chairman: Eve Pollard; editors: alpha list. Art direction: Ivan Bulloch
'A magazine for grown-up women' with Susan Saradon on the cover.
Women's monthly magazines


May. BBC. £2.95. With CD/CD-Rom

Internet Business

May. Haymarket. £2.95
Computer magazines


March/April. Dennis. £2, 204 pages. Editor: Rachel Shattock
'The world's first home shopping magazine'. everything  featured in articles could be bought by phone or over the web. Site needed Macromedia Flash v 4.0 plug-in. Closed in 2001.
Women's monthly magazines

Nova magazine launch issue front cover
Nova was a 1960s legend but IPC failed to build on its reputation


March. IPC Media. £1.50, 210 pages. Editor: Deborah Bee
Relaunch of innovative 1960s/1970s Nova. Deborah Bee, ex Scene, launched the title, but was ousted a few months later in favour of Sunday Times style editor Jeremy Langmead. Magazine soon closed, however
Women's monthly magazines

Talk magazine launch issue cover debut
Tina Brown had made her name with Vanity Fair and the New Yorker, but Talk was a magazine too far

Talk (US)

March. Miramax/Hearst.£2.50; 256 pages. Editor: Tina Brown
Gwyneth Paltrow on the cover. Closed in 2002


Spring. Time Life Ent. Group Ltd. £3. Editor: Tyler Brûlé
Sports fashion magazine known as Project Tart that was aimed at urban 25- to 45-year-olds. Two covers: male and female models. Cover used spot varnish. Brûlé had launched Wallpaper, which was bought by Time and expanded worldwide.

'In Forte dei Marmi (a chic Tuscan resort) four Wallpaper staff decided that their equipment and attire was not quite cutting it on the clay. A new title was born,' Brûlé told The Observer ('Style guru gets a taste for sport' by John Arlidge, 2 April 2000). The article said Brûlé had not done market research but that `Sport is much more sexy than it was five years ago. It's great to whip someone's [arse] on court but how much better is it to look fantastic doing it?'

Line failed to build on Wallpaper's success and was closed.

PSW Playstation World

February. Computec Media. £2.99. Editors: Richard Leadbetter and David Upchurch
Hefty 260-page first issue – 'With thanks to Evo magazine'
Computer magazines