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    • Angeletti, N, and Oliva, A,
      Magazines That Make History: Their origins, development and influence
      , University Press of Florida, 2004.
      Two Argentinian journalists discuss eight magazines they consider to be among the most successful in the west: Time, Der Spiegel, Life, Paris Match, National Geographic, Reader's Digest, ¡Hola! and People
    • Blackwell, L,
      The End of Print: The grafik design of David Carson
      2nd edition,
      Laurence King, 2000.
      Views on Carson are divided but Beach Culture, Raygun and Blah, Blah (launch) were influential.
      David Carson Design
    • Crewe, Quentin
      The Frontiers of Privilege: A century of social conflict as reflected in The Queen
      Stevens Press, 1961
      Social history seen through articles from the society and court magazine that never even mentioned the General Strike. Foreword by Jocelyn Stevens, editor-in-chief, The Queen
    • Crowley, D,
      Magazine Covers
      Mitchell Beazley, 2003
    • Dancyger, I.,
      A World of Women: An illustrated history of women's magazines 1700-1970
      Gill & Macmillan, Dublin, 1978
      Dancyger was a freelance journalist for magazines such as Woman and Women's Own. She paints a picture of 'widening, exciting and challenging women's magazine content' in a detailed work, complete with profiles of 15 prominent women writers and editors
    • Davis, A,
      Magazine Journalism Today
      Focal, 1988
    • Glover, S (ed),
      Secrets of the Press: Journalists on journalism
      , Penguin, 1999.
      Glover was one of the founders of the Independent newspaper and editor of the Independent on Sunday. Chapters written by some of best names in journalism
    • Gough-Yates, A,
      Understanding Women's Magazines

      Routledge, 2002.
      Academic analysis of women's market; focus on 1988-2000
    • Dian Hanson
      The History of Girly Magazines: 1900-1969
      Taschen (November 2006)
    • Jackson, P, Stevenson, N, and Brooks, K
      Making Sense of Men's Magazines

      Polity Press, 2001 
    • Johnson, S, and Prijatel, P
      The Magazine From Cover to Cover: Inside a dynamic industry

      McGraw-Hill, 1999
    • Jeremy Leslie
      Issues: New Magazine Design
      Laurence King, 2000
      Jeremy Leslie is group creative director at customer magazine publisher John Brown Citrus. He won Designer of the Year in Business & Professional Magazines in the 2004 PPA awards and Designer of the Year in the 2005 APA awards for M-Real.
      He runs the Magculture website
    • Jenny McKay
      The Magazines Handbook

      Routledge, 2000
      Comprehensive introduction to the magazine industry, covering its development and the roles and skills needed by journalists on magazines, from commissioning to writing to subbing and legal issues
    • John Morrish
      Magazine Editing: How to develop and manage a successful publication
      Routledge 2003 2nd edn
      Focuses on the journalistic and managerial skills and knowledge needed by editors
    • Mike Perry
      Over & Over: A catalogue of hand-drawn patterns
      Princeton Architectural Press, 2008
      This book is difficult to put down. Perry has scoured the world to track down the work of 50-odd illustrators whose minutely-detailed, wallpaperish graphics have adorned the likes of Dazed & Confused and the New York Times Magazine. I - and several other people - have spent hours poring over my copy. No-one with an interest in the visual will be disappointed
    • Frances Quinn
      Law for Journalists,
      Longman 2007
      Lots of examples of legal issues that arise in reporting - on magazines, newspapers and online - make this an accessible book. Also sections on testing your knowledge with each chapter
    • David Reed
      The Popular Magazine in Britain and the United States (1880-1960),
      British Library, 1997.
      Very good academic study; full of detail and highly referenced
    • Tim Southwell
      Getting Away with It: The inside story of Loaded,
      Ebury, 1998.
      View of the early Loaded years by its then deputy editor. He later set up Golf Punk publisher KYN

    • David E. Sumner
      The Magazine Century: American magazines since 1900
      Peter Lang, New York (25 June 2010)
      Academic sets out why magazines have been so successful and why they can still be so. Care needs to be taken in applying some of the arguments to the UK. More details at Professor Magazine
    • Steve Taylor & Neville Brody
      100 Years of Magazine Covers
      Black Dog Publishing (27 Oct 2006)
      Highly illustrated book divided into themed chapters, on fashion and women's magazines, photo-journalism, music magazines and underground publications. Individual covers are discussed as well as the importance of titles and publishing houses.
    • John Wharton
      Managing Magazine Publishing
      Blueprint, 1992.
      Out of print but very good on the publishing side. More trade-based than consumer magazines


    • British Library has excellent sections on the history of newspapers, comics, and music and film magazines
    • St Bride's Printing Library traces the roots of printing and publishing back 500 years (William Caxton's apprentice Wynkyn de Worde was buried in St Bride's Church)
    • Media Week trade paper has searchable archive
    • Press Gazette weekly trade paper for journalists. Searchable archive
    • Folio: trade title for the US magazine industry
    • Magazine World quarterly magazine of the FIPP

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