How to advertise on Magforum

As an advertiser on Magforum, you choose the pages on which you want to advertise and book the slot for a set period of time in advance. You know exactly how much the ad will cost because charges are based on the number of impressions from the previous quarter. The ad is constantly there on the page that is most relevant to your needs. This example shows how things work.

Example: You want to book the big banner on the first of the women’s glossies pages:

  • the ad size is 728x90 pixels (standard leaderboard shape)
  • the page has had 3,387 visits in the past 3 months
  • most pages on Magforum are charged at £10 per 1000 visits
  • so an ad for the next 3 months would cost £10 x 3.387 = £33.87

Once you’ve picked the pages you want to be on – there are more than 300 individual pages to choose from – just send in your artwork and tell us what you want to link to. The charge is made from the date the advert goes up and is working. We can create artwork for you, but there would be an additional charge for this.

Three months is the minimum booking period. You can send in code to link to rotating adverts pulled in from another server if you want.

Discounts are applied for taking more than one page. Adverts ‘below the fold’ – not at the top of the page – are charged half price.

Magforum pages come in the top hits on Google and Bing for many searches to do with magazines, including contract magazines, collecting magazines, selling magazines on ebay, national newspapers and magazine publishers.

If you want a quote, let me know by email: tony [@]