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Magazine front covers:
dropdown covers

This is one of several pages on about magazine front covers. Here, dropdown covers – the rarest of the examples discussed here – are examined, using these examples:

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FHM double dropdown cover (2004)

The result of 2003's High Street Honeys competition was the excuse for FHM to spend a lot of money, and waste a lot of paper.

What it claimed was the first UK 'double drop-down' cover, featured High Street Honey winner Kayleigh Pearson. The cover fell out into a 90cm-long poster that was three times the length of FHM's usual cover. If you look at the bottom of the cover on the right, you can see the way the cover is cut away slightly.

Below right shows the Sony-Ericsson T610 camera phone advert behind the cover opposite the contents page. If you image the cover as sheet with an area of six usual covers, a third of the sheet has been cut away.

FHM dropdown cover 2004
FHM dropdown 2004 FHM dropdown

Time-Out: double dropdown cover (2004)

The 2004 London Film Festival prompted Time Out to run its dropdown cover.

Unlike the FHM example, with its editorial dropdown, this was totally advertising led. Five of the six cover sheets promoted a film released at the festival.

Time Out cover
  Time Out dropdown cover

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