London Life: July 1941-1943

This page shows, in date order, London Life magazine front covers from July 1941 to 1943.

The issues of 1941 are a large A4 format, but the 4 October 1941 issue carried a 'paper control warning' on the cover to the effect that the next issue would be ‘magazine size’. Not only this, but the 1942 issues became fortnightly and were printed and published from Katesgrove in Reading.

By 1943 London Life was an A5-ish monthly.

London Life's address, 7a Wine Office Court, no longer exists, though No 7 is still standing. The building, dating from 1870, was the original office of the Press Association (founded in 1868). It was later occupied by the National Church League and the Church Society Library. The present-day name, Dean Wace House, comes from this era after the Dean of Canterbury in the 1920s, Henry Wace. The property company Pathfinder converted the Grade II listed building into six, two-bedroomed flats in 1998.

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from July 1941
London Life 05/07/1941 London Life 12/07/1941    
London Life 02/08  /1941 London Life 09/08/1941 London Life 23/08/1941 London Life 30/08/1941
London Life 6/09/1941 London Life 13/09/1941 London Life 20/09/1941  
London Life 02/08  /1941      
1942 (fortnightly)
London Life 11/04/1942      
London Life 1942 May 9      
London Life 20/06/1942      
London Life 20/06/1942      
London Life 01/08/1942      
London Life 1942 Christmas      
1943 (monthly)
London Life magazine London Life 02/1943 London Life 04/04/1943  
london life magazine 1943 june front cover London Life magazine London Life 03/1943  

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