Kate Moss on magazine front covers in the US and UK

Kate Moss first magazine front cover – The Face, May 1990    Kate Moss Face magazine cover, July 1990
Kate Moss on her first magazine cover, The Face, May 1990. She was 16 and the photograph was by Marc Lebon    Moss's second Face cover, just two months later. Corinne Day was the photographer this time

The 3rd Summer of Love cover shoot by Corinne Day for The Face in 1990 brought the 16-year-old Kate Moss to prominence and is regarded as being the pivotal point in the change of fashion from 1980s power-dressing to grunge. But it wasn't Moss's first cover – that had been the May issue shot by Marc Lebon (The Face ran Madonna on its cover inbetween these issues). And that wasn't her first work for The Face – that had been the April issue.

Day and Moss formed a rapport that led to several watershed images. Among these was the controversial 1993 shoot for June’s Vogue that put ‘heroin chic’ all over the papers. Day died in 2010.

Moss has been on a British Vogue cover – frequently twice a year – just about every year since 1997.
first Kate Moss photo
First photo of Kate Moss in The Face, April 1990, by Corinne Day. Moss was credited as a Storm agency model
   Kate Moss first Vogue cover, by Corinne Day, March 1993
Controversial 'herion chic' look by Corinne Day for Kate Moss's first Vogue cover, March 1993
Kate Moss Vogue cover, December 2001
Kate Moss channels royalty for Vogue magazine, December 2001
   Kate Moss Playboy cover, January 2014
Moss on the cover of Playboy in January 2014