Glossary of magazine terms and jargon

This is a glossary of terms and jargon used in magazines and magazine publishing. It has been quoted in Mag Scene, the careers guide from the PPA. NB: terminology varies between industries, titles and internationally
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Gantt chart bar chart showing periods of activity with start and end dates. Used in planning project schedules
GAPP General Administration for Press and Publication. Licenses magazines in China
GASAA Graphic Art Services Association of Australia sets prepress and data standards.
geocloning the act of taking a conference/exhibition established in one country and replicating it in another territory. Associated with UBM: 'The rights issue should also improve its [UBM's] gearing, and Advanstar's focus on the US creates the potential for the "geocloning" of certain events' ('UBM shows taste for fashion', by Theron Mohamed, Investors Chronicle, 3 October 2014)
gravure high-quality printing process used for very large print runs
Great Eight marketing term used by Illustrated News Ltd from 1928 for its upmarket illustrated news and glossy magazines: the Illustrated London News, The Sketch, The Sphere, The Tatler, The Graphic, the Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News, The Bystander, and Britannia & Eve. Based at Inveresk House, 1 Aldwych, (also known as 364 Strand), London
grey scale use of 256 shades of grey to represent an image. In Photoshop, each pixel has a brightness value from 0 (black) to 255 (white)
grammage weight of paper
gsm grams per square metre; unit for paper weight. Magazine sare typically 60gsm upwards
gutter gap between columns of text or around the text area of a page


hanging indent where the starting line stands proud of the rest of a paragraph
header information line at the top of a page
heat-set drying of ink by heat rather than naturally
Hello! phenomenon magazines buyers being too ashamed to read a title in public. Said of men's titles, such as Loaded, FHM, Maxim, Nuts, Zoo and GQ
Henley Centre London-based company that forecasts trends
hits early measure of popularity of website. Each hit was a file viewed. Over-estimated use because each page is typically made up of several files; so extra files could be added to increase hits
hickey mark on page caused foreign matter, such as dust, entering printing ink
HND home news delivery service offered by newsagents
Hollis directory of public relations companies
holy trinity nickname for combination of publishing software: Quark XPress, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop
home page opening page on a website
house magazineperiodical published by a company for its own staff. Usually done by the PR department or a contract publisher
HSB colour system defined by Hue (described by position on a colour wheel), Saturation (the amount of grey in a colour) and Brightness (the intensity of light reflected by, or transmitted through, an image) 
HTML Hyper Text Mark up Language. Used to tag files and build in links to web pages
HTTP Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. Controls jumps between pages on the web


IBC inside back cover
ICC International Color Consortium. Industry body that develops standards for colour processing and printing
IEPRC body founded by publishers to share technical knowledge
IFC inside front cover
Illustrator Adobe software used for tables, graphs, charts and line illustration
imposition   the arrangement of pages on a printing plate
imprint information about a publisher
In Design layout software from Adobe; competes with Quark XPress
indent text aligned to right of other text
internet worldwide computer network built by agreeing file protocols (TCP/IP). Using these protocols, files may be sent across national networks. Originated by linking national military, research and academic networks. Messages sent from user's computer to host computer which is a node on the network. Host splits up packages so they may be sent economically across international telephone lines at very small cost. Receiver's host assembles message and stores it until it is retrieved
intranet use of internet technology for internal networking
ISBN International Standard Book Number
ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network. Digital phone connections that are faster for computer communication. Standard line speed 64,000bps
ISSN International Standard Serial Number. Unique number given to a publication so it can be identified internationally
'It is. Are you?' advertising slogan for The Independent newspaper at its launch in October 1986


Jicmars Joint Industry Committee of Medical Advertisers for Readership Surveys. Body formed by medical publishers to fund readership surveys
John Bull influential magazine founded by swindler Horatio Bottomley. Also spun off women's weeklies, Mrs Bull and Mary Bull
JIG Joint Industry Group. UK trade body launched on 30 April 1998 following the Director General of Fair Trading's decision not to refer the newspaper industry to the Monopolies and Mergers Commission. Works to improve the distribution system for newspapers and magazines. Membership comprises: Association of Newspaper and Magazine Wholesalers (ANMW); Newspaper Publishers Association (NPA); Periodical Publishers Association (PPA); Association of News Retailing (ANR); British Retail Consortium (BRC); and the National Federation of Retail Newsagents (NFRN)
justified when a column of text is parallel on both sides


kern to squeeze two letters together so they overlap
keyline line of space around an images to separate it from other elements
King's Reach building in London near Waterloo station; headquarters of IPC Media until 2007. Replaced by the Blue Fin Building
komikku see manga
KPI key performance indicator. A target against which something is measured. For example a customer magazine might aim to increase the number of people visiting the clients shops


landing page web page someone is taken to when they click on a link (in an advert). Term often used in advertising for the selling page to which someone is taken once they click on a banner advert
layout a page design
lenticular technique whereby ribbed plastic is glued over an image to give the impression of a moving or 3D image. Lenticular images were used on front and/or back covers of Shine in 2001 and Top Gear and NME in 2004 (by Hive Associates). The lenticular technique has long used for marketing purposes, for example 'animated' postcards for film of Alistair MacLean's Ice Station Zebra in late 1960s
lines per inch measure of the resolution of a piece of printing film
literal a spelling mistake
logo the name of a publication in a specific type face used on the cover and for the masthead
logotype a single piece of metal type to produce a group of letters; the word logo comes from this
London Bulletin Surrealist magazine edited by ELT Mesens. Published by London Gallery from April 1938 to June 1940 (20 issues). Republished in 2 volumes by Arno press in 1969
loose insert a card or sheet slipped into a magazine rather than bound in. Readers will be most familiar with them as subscription forms that fall out of the magazine
lower case not capitalised